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Thus, in this Buzzle article, besides taking a look at the different egg tools, we'll also take a look at simpler alternatives one can use to accomplish the same task.Different Types of Specialized Egg ToolsSpecialized egg cups are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They may be of the simple or classic type, or may be fancy with intricate patterns on them. Egg cups are available in porcelain, glass, and even in the metal variety. They are used to hold soft-boiled eggs in an upright position, thereby, enabling you to easily crack the top of your egg.Alternative Vodka glasses or shot glasses make good alternatives to egg cups. If you don't have vodka glasses, how about using small wine glasses to hold the eggs. In fact, just look around your kitchen for anything that you think will hold your egg in the upright position. Sometimes, even little tea cups make good egg holders.This specialized tool is used to slice slippery, hard-boiled eggs, nice and evenly. Just one press is enough to obtain even slices. The egg slicer comprises a base for holding the egg and a hinged top with slicing wires to slice it. This tool can also be used to dice eggs, perfect for salads and sandwich fillings. Besides eggs, this slicer can also be used to slice mushrooms, strawberries, soft cheeses, pitted olives, etc. If you make sandwiches frequently, this is a good tool to own.Alternative Before the egg slicer was invented, knives were used to slice eggs. Even now, you can use a sharp knife to slice a hard-boiled egg. However, this may be time-consuming, especially if you have many eggs to slice.Those who are into baking a large number of cakes during the holiday season definitely need to get an egg separator to make life easier. With this egg separator, you can easily separate the yolk from the white, by allowing the white to pass through and holding the yolk intact. The separators also come with lips and handles, which allow them to rest on the bowl, leaving your hands free to crack the eggs. The handle allows you to conveniently transfer the yolks to another mixing bowl.Alternative Not everybody is into baking a large number of cakes; thus, this tool isn't a necessity. If you don't have an egg separator, simply crack the egg into half, and carefully separate the two halves, such that the yolk remains intact. Pour the egg white into a bowl, and then use the empty shell to pass the yolk back and forth, until the yolk has been separated from the white.These tools or rings are used to prepare perfectly shaped fried eggs. So, often when you crack an egg to prepare a sunny-side up, the egg white runs to the sides of the pan, causing the egg to look weird. Egg rings help contain the egg white, which give the perfect shape that is desired. These rings are made of heat-resistant materials, and come with little handles to easily lift it off the pan. They are also available in various interesting shapes.Alternative An interesting alternative would be to use slices of bell pepper (horizontal slices) to contain the eggs. Since bell peppers have naturally appealing colors and shapes, they form 'eggcellent' rings. You can even cut out bread rings using cookie cutters and then use the frame to hold the egg. However, the egg will fuse with the bread.If deviled eggs are frequently prepared and eaten at home, it's time you purchased a deviled egg holder. This dish comes with egg-shaped slots to hold the eggs in place. Often, you find your eggs tilting on the plate, making a mess of the final presentation. With these egg holders, you no longer have to worry about them standing firm. Then there are specialized deep spoons to hold the eggs as well. Disposable egg holders are also available.Alternative If you prepare deviled eggs once in a while, and don't want to invest in a specialized holder, you can use small onion rings to hold the eggs. However, choosing the right size becomes time-consuming. Or else you can cut out cucumber rings using circular cookie cutters to hoist your deviled eggs. But perfecting these alternatives will take time and practice.Cooking soft-boiled eggs is always a gamble. How many times have we intended to make soft-boiled eggs, only to end up overcooking them. Taking them out of the boiling water at the exact minute, every busy morning can be challenging. However, with an egg timer, you needn't worry about forgetting about the eggs, because the buzzer will let you know when it's time. Just set the time, and wait for the buzzer to go off.Alternative Since we all own cell phones today, the cell phone timer is something we can easily use to help keep tab of the time. When the timer beeps, you can take out your eggs. Or else you can use your stop watch; however, you'll have to keep checking it.Like electric rice cookers, egg boilers are kitchen appliances that make cooking easier. Just pour a specified quantity of water into the boiler and place the eggs into the holder. Piercing them prior to boiling can help prevent them from cracking. Then, simply place the lid on and adjust the egg control panel to desired doneness: soft, medium, or hard. Switch the boiler on and wait for the beep. These boilers come with different capacities, so purchase one according to your family's egg consumption capacity.Alternative The conventional method of boiling eggs has been to use a cooking pot filled with water. You can use any pot you like; just make sure it can hold enough water to submerge the eggs. However, you will have to keep an eye on the time for desired level of doneness.Egg whisks are used to air egg whites for fluffy omelets, pancake batter, etc., and even to prepare egg washes. These whisks may be of different kinds: balloon, flat, spiral, etc. Balloon whisks are great to work with eggs, because they help incorporate air easily. They are again available in different materials, so choose according to your personal preference.Alternative To whisk eggs for an omelet, simply use your spoon. However, airing the eggs with the spoon will take longer. You can also use a fork to whisk your eggs.An electric egg beater is required to beat egg whites to a fluff, to form stiff peaks, etc., which give cakes their fluffiness. This electrical appliance helps aerate egg whites rapidly and at an even pace. They are excellent and especially useful while beating a large number of eggs.Alternative A hand rotatory beater can be used instead of the electric type; however, it demands more time and energy. It's useful in places that experience frequent power cuts.The biggest mistake people make while preparing deviled eggs is spooning the filling into the egg white halves. Spooning gives a shabby finish and causes the deviled eggs to look messy and unappetizing. 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20:54-- Guest_8736: I'm a Type B Negative woman who has recently become engaged to a Type O Negative man. That is strictly coincidental because for the last few years both of us knew that we were Rh Negative, but we had not disclosed that to each other until a month before our engagement. I'm a bit relieved that I will not need to be concerned with anRh problem if and when I become pregnant. - A. Kayla Huff [December 15, 2016] My blood group is B negative with phenotype of D , in our family my mom and my big sister blood typed are B negatives , I am healthy , in each 4 moth's I donated my blood for Cancer children's , Rafiullah Kabul Afghanistan 14 / 12 / 2016 my phone number 0778230835 - Rafiullahnikzad [December 14, 2016] My father is AB Positive, my mother is O Positive, and I am B Negative. Both of my grandmothers are Rh Negative. As a result of that, both of my parents had to be treated at birth for problems related to Rh Incompatibility. I've just turned 24 and I want no part of that. I definitely want an Rh Negative male partner and eventually an Rh Negative husband. I have joined three dating services strictly for Rh Negative people. I hope to find a suitable guy soon. - Hannah Reiss [October 14, 2016] I'm a recently turned 24 year old female with Blood Type B Negative. Last Saturday, September 24, 2016, I became engaged to a soon to be 27 year old man. His blood type is O Negative. My question is are our blood types compatible, or aren't they? Obviously they are not identical. - Ashley Hallman [September 26, 2016] I am B negative in my family I am the only one how this happen. - G Vargas [September 1, 2016] My mother is O Negative; my father, B Positive; and my two sisters, O Positive and B Positive respectively.I am the third sister, the second Rh Negative member of my family, and the only one of us five who is B Negative. - Farrow Morrow [July 29, 2016] I'M A B- FEMALE WHO'LL MARRY AN A- GUY ON FRIDAY JULY1,2016. AS WE UNDERSTAND IT ME CAN HAVE O-,A-,B-, AND AB- CHILDREN. THAT'S RIGHT! ONLY RH NEGS! - OLI KREUGER [June 22, 2016] I am B-.is there a risk in marrying a lady having a different blood group - Clovis chiakem [March 24, 2016] Not true...race has nothing to do with blood trasfusions. - Eing Guiltlayer [February 15, 2016] I am a young Mexican-American female who will turn 23 on February 12, 2016. About four years ago, I found out that my blood type was B Negative. Then, in July 2015, my parents were injured in an auto accident seriously enough to require blood transfusions. In both cases, their blood type was determined to be AB Positive. That means That I am Genotype BB. Then , for curiosity, I went one step further and had myMNS Blood Type determined. The result was that I belong to Group NN.So, their you have it. I belong to all of the following: ABO Blood Group B, Genotype BB; Rh Blood Group Negative; and MNS Blood Group NN. For what I know it is impossible to prove that one is Genotype BB unless both of their parents are Type AB.I'm a rare bird considering what I have just stated. Based on what I have read, there are probably no more then one in one million people of my ethnicity who are like me. Both available genealogical records and genetic testing indicate that my ancestry is 57 to 58 percent Spanish and 41 to 42 percent Amerindian.In other words, I'm approximately 9/16 Caucasian and 7/16 Amerindian. Additionally, which is also based on what I have read. THERE IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN ONE PERSON OF 100 PERCENT AMERINDIAN ANCESTRY ON EARTH WHO MATCHES MY COMBINATION OF BLOOD TYPES: ABO GENOTYPE BB, RH NEGATIVE, AND MNS GROUP NN.Because I'm Rh Negative, my family members suggested that I marry an Anglo-American rather than a Latino. I really wouldn't mind marrying an Anglo man but I would never consider his blood type as a reason for doing so. Also, there is one reason unrelated to this topic which increases the possibility of my entering such a marriage. Unlike most Mexican Americans, my family and I are Protestant, not Roman Catholic. - Juno Jo Rojo [November 11, 2015] I am a 23 year old Mexican American female. My blood type is B Negative. Only 1 in 275 people of my ethnicity match my type. Recently my dad, who is B Positive, needed a trans fusion. There was not enough of his type available so I donated a pint of mine. He received it. That feels great! Even though our Rh match up is such that he could never reciprocate. I would do it again, anytime. - J.J. Santiago [November 3, 2015] My father is O Positive and my mother is B positive. However, I'm B Negative, and my two sisters, who are identical twins, are O Negative. We are Mexican-Americans. I am aware that the occurrences of the Rh Negative and Blood Type B traits are both less common among Mexican Americans than among European-Americans. A genetic test has shown me to be approximately 57 to 58 percent European (Spanish), and 42 to 43 percent Amerindian. - Una Nuno [October 15, 2015] Nice - siva [June 1, 2015] My mom and I are B-. My sister is O-. My dad and my brother are both O . - Layla Hamm [May 13, 2015] B- woman and A- husband are expecting a girl in 10 days. One thing for sure, she is a neg! - Nora M. Lynn [May 12, 2015] Please I want to list of food for type B negative.thank you - ANITA [May 11, 2015] I am a 24 year old, bald headed by choice, light complexioned, African American female with Type B Negative blood. I have a 29 year old Europuean American whose blood type is O Negative. Our relationship is absolutely terrific! If together we can only produce Rh Negative offspring so what! There is always a place on earth for them. - Lida Woods [May 1, 2015] I am a B- woman married to an A- man. My dad is B and my mom is A-. My father-in-law is A and my mother-in-law is B-. I have two daughters. Neither one has been blood typed. They could be A, AB, B, or O. However, they must beRh Negative. - Olivia Schwartz [May 1, 2015] I am homozygous on three counts. I belong to ABO Blood Group B. Both of my parents are Type A1B. That means that I am genotype BB. Also, I am Rh Negative. That means that I am homozygous having two recessive genes (rh-/rh-), (dce/dce), or (dd) whichever you prefer to call it. Additionally, I belong to MNS Blood Group MM. So how's that! Only a small fraction of 1% of the population match on all three counts. Even fewer can prove it. The only way that one can prove that they belong to genotype B is if both of their parents are Type AB. - U. Ann Huffmann [April 29, 2015] I am Blood Type B Rh Negative, and my MNS Blood Group classification is MM. But, that's not all. In 2013 both of my parents were seriously injured in an auto accident. Both required blood transfusions. Both were determined to have Type AB Rh Positive blood. That means that I belong to the rarest of all ABO genotypes, BB. That's homozygous! Not heterozygous as is genotype BO. Also, just for curiosity, both of my parents and I were tested to find out which MNS Blood Group we belong to: They're both MN and I'm MM. Therefore, I am Genotype BB, Rh Negative (dce/dce), and MNS Group MM. That's really homozygous! - Anna Hahn [April 20, 2015] very useful information. . - jai [April 8, 2015] My maternal grandmother is Type A Rh Negative, my mother is Type O Rh Negative, and I am Type B Rh Negative.Both my grandmother and my mother had serious Rh problems during pregnancies. Despite the existence of Rhogam shots, I still prefer to have a Rh Negative spouse. - Marlo Kuhnmann [March 2, 2015] Iam a B-can i marry someone with the same blood groul - Eunice [February 1, 2015] I am a 22 1/2 year old Mexican American female with the B Negative blood type. Only recently, have I been informed as to how rare it is, and that it is even more rare among my ethnic group than it is among Anglo-Americans. - Ana Lara [December 19, 2014] My blood runs b negative...n as per ur advice, meat n dairy is the best diet,,,but I don't see that's useful cuz I had been hvng dairys for years but I don't see any changes in me.. - unknown [November 25, 2014] Can negative b blood type people contract hiv - maletsatsi [November 23, 2014] there is a problem in marriage life having b negative blood group? - saba [November 23, 2014] I was a combat infantryman in Viet Nam, had I been seriously wounded and having b- blood would I have had a problem getting blood, seeing as it is very rare. (just curious because I didn't think they drafted men with rare blood types.) - Gary y [November 12, 2014] My mother was B and my father was 0 ,I am B-. My mothers, mother was also B and my grandfather was AB-. I am a brown eyed, brown hair, and Caucasian. I was curious if rare blood types were hereditary. Also where is the largest grouping of B- people in the world? - Amy Gorham [October 27, 2014] hi i am towhida and my blood group is b negative - towhida [October 26, 2014] I have B negative blood type and my father had O positive. What was my mother's possible blood type? She died 10 years ago and me never knew her blood type. - Ken Hardee [October 20, 2014] Hi today I m checked my blood group and I m B - - Arsheed Ahmad [October 17, 2014] b negative it is ...just happy to be one of the rarest among all of the people in this world - allen shelly [October 8, 2014] hi i have just been told i am b - with antibodies and told i would never be able to donate blood or organs , i am confused , i thought b - was a rare blood type , any info i would be greatful ( is it because of the antibodies and if so what does it mean and why are they in my blood ? ) - gill [September 23, 2014] I have B negative blood group and my wife AB positive, what will be the blood group of my child...? - kanti ronua [September 23, 2014] Mother and father both have b blood group, baby's blood group is b negative. Can it be possible? - madhu. mzn [September 17, 2014] I have B negative blood group and my wife is O positive. What will be the blood group of our child? - ike [September 17, 2014] I think you meant your fiancé is Type A , not negative ? I am B- too and my husband is A , with A- recessive. ( he is a carrier of the negative trait which is how two of my three children are B- and one is A like his dad). I think you two can get along as long as long as you truly love one another and respect each other's differences, which are many but can compliment one another, if you are patient and truly want to "get" where each of you is coming from in the relationship- for instance, you probably are very intuitive, bright, interested in spiritual matters, empathetic and like solving mysteries, as well as being able to see thru deceit- no one can pull the wool over your eyes for long- all RH Negs. cannot be cloned and have PSI capabilities, they cannot be "mind controlled" either. Your fiancé might be very practical and straight forward in his thinking, he could be good at solving mechanical problems, and good at changing things so something works better, but may be a bit set in his ways, if you are at all like me and my husband. The way I see it, all and all it's awesome to be a RH Neg.! - Jacquelyn [August 13, 2014] I am a profoundly rare blooded Mexican American young woman. My blood type is B Neg. Within my ehtnic group, only about one person in one thousand share my blood type. My fiance, who is anglo and protestant, is blood type A Neg. I learned my blood type in Nursing I will be 28 years old on October 1. I am engaged to be married on October 11. My blood type is A3B, Rh Negative, MNS Blood Group NN. Is that freaky? If it is, so what! My fiance's blood groups are Blood Type O, Rh Positive, Rh Positive Subgroup (Rh1/rh2), and MNS Blood Group MM. Yes, we have Rh incompatiblity, but we are compatible in other more important ways. I did not select a spouse because he had a certain blood type, nor would I ever. - OLIVIA SCHWARTZ [August 11, 2014] I am a 21 year old American female of Chinese extraction. Myself and my two siblings, my identical twin sister and my younger sister, are all Blood Type O Rh Negative. Both of our parents are Blood Type O Rh Positive. In fact, we do not have any relative to our knowledge who are Rh Negative. I have read that the Rh Negative Blood Type is extremely rare among Asians and people of Asian extraction. Also, we three sisters would like to join The Rh Negative Registry. - KAYLA CHUNG [August 11, 2014] hy frnds i m waqar ahmed im 17 years old boy my facebook name Waqar ahmed wakki im stdy in B.A LL.B in 1st year i want a finish Judicial test my blood group B- Nagetive nd i want to a marry B- nagetive girls nd soo plzz B- girls talk me on fb or ph. No 919050713317 nd thinking about me nd like me nd marry me ... Plzzz - waqar ahmed [July 15, 2014] hi evrybdy im also B nagetive - waqar ahmed [July 15, 2014] hi, im also b negative my sister is b negative also. - jenny [July 10, 2014] am b negetive, as a man, at wat risk do i lie? - Muhammad Nazeer [June 22, 2014] I am b rh negative and my candidate is also b rh negative can we find healthy babe - rustam [May 26, 2014] MOTHER B- BLOOD GAVE BIRTH TO B CARE ? - ATCHA RAI [May 15, 2014] It's difficult to believe that B- blood type gains weight by drinking tea! Explain this to me. - Ululani Packett [May 11, 2014] Pls can an O negative person marry a B negative person. - shanti [May 4, 2014] can both parents with B - blood type have a healthy babe and what re the chances mother to get pregnant in such a case? - KM [May 2, 2014] I received my results as Brhd..wat does dat mean? - lindah [March 29, 2014] give more information about B nagetive... - brave [March 9, 2014] As a B Negative blood donor, you are unique dueto the rarity of your blood. Because your blood israre, it is important to maintain sufficient suppliesfor our community and local patients. In fact, only1.5% of the population has B Negative blood. Yourregular and frequent blood donations are especiallyvalued, and many in our area will be given afighting chance at life because of your generousgift. Compatible Blood TypesO- can receive O-O can receive O , O-A- can receive A-, O-A can receive A , A-, O , O-B- can receive B-, O-B can receive B , B-, O , O-AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-AB can receive AB , AB-, B , B-, A , A-, O ,O- - Taranbir Singh [March 5, 2014] What’s Your Type?O 1 in 3 37.4%A 1 in 3 35.7%B 1 in 12 8.5� 1 in 29 3.4%O- 1 in 15 6.6%A- 1 in 16 6.3%B- 1 in 67 1.5�- 1 in 167 .6%Source: America’s Blood Centers - Taranbir Singh [March 5, 2014] You can also add more to this article..There are many interesting facts about blood groups like- 85% Humans on Earth have positive blood group and only 15% have negative blood (7%=O-) (6%=A-) (2%=B-) and (1%=AB-). Negative blood type is found nowhere else in nature but only in humans. - Taranbir Singh [March 5, 2014] I am also B negative(14years old) and I have read all about blood groups on internet so if you have any question...just let me know :) - Taranbir Singh [March 5, 2014] thank you for this wondaful information am Blood group B- - Christabel H [March 4, 2014] i thought t has lots of impacts..i was worried because am B- GROUP - kelyn mbawa [January 30, 2014] What blood type is compatible to B -ve? - nelly kutana [January 22, 2014] My daughter is B -ve .Pls guide me about her diet.Will she have problem in conceiving? How to avoid it? - Deepa [January 10, 2014] I have reccuring cold, flu and headech. Please am a B Neg blood type.I need to know what to eat and do to stay healthy.Thank Philip - Philip Antwi Kw [December 23, 2013] I like to know what is the better diet for B negative how I can search - Brijesh Rudani [December 11, 2013] thnks fr suugestion - chitresh b - [November 26, 2013] am enligtened , thanks - Plaxey [November 13, 2013] I like to know what is the better diet for B negative how I can search - Dora [October 12, 2013] My son blood is B negative and he is 8yr old , i m varied about him pl. hlep me - Sudhir Rane [September 18, 2013] food is medicine! - Kwabena Kusi [July 22, 2013] Thanks, i have no idea till now about eating foods based on blood group - gp [May 4, 2013] I havé b- blood and want to save life - Luc [March 13, 2013] what are the possible pairings i should consider as a partner - hayford ofosu [March 7, 2013] Dear i need blood - Neha [February 28, 2013] B negative ,than whats problem ? - Harish [February 4, 2013] can any race donate to any other race? - jim [October 9, 2012] i like it its awesome! - naseer [June 17, 2012] I WANT TO B BLOOD TYPE - SUNIL CHOUHAN [May 30, 2012] can b-negative person give birth to a sickle cell child? - Evans Addison [May 27, 2012] thanks - neeraj [May 24, 2012] What is the b negative diets ? - Firdaus Shaik [May 16, 2012] its really help full information for all of human beings. - mahadi [May 7, 2012] Am b negative who do i need to get married to? - Bella [April 25, 2012] i have B negative blood group..i'm afraid.. - sarmad [April 2, 2012] in turns of disease resistance, which blood group is better? - ibrahim m [March 23, 2012] Thanks for uo information about b-ve blood group. - fawaz [December 5, 2011] NICE - TYAGI [October 26, 2011] what are the possible ethnic origins of b- blood type? - mark levine [October 21, 2011] can a B negative be a kidney doner to O positive - Nani Z [August 23, 2011] I have"B' Rh Neg Blood type.Thanks for the informative article. - Sukhbeer Singh [June 24, 2011] short definition - mulubrhanamare [June 10, 2011] I have b negative blood why do I need to avoid chicken is their a diet I can follow to stay healthy? - Ray Noonan [April 24, 2011] Thanks for providing information about B (-ve) blood. - Veena (NEPAL) [April 23, 2011] Thanx yar - Chandana [March 26, 2011] what is the diffrent bettwen B- and B - AMMARAGEELI [March 3, 2011] i think this is very educating and a very good need to know subject. - alicia burke [January 16, 2011] Very Informative. Thanks!Made my decision to give blood again very difficult. - Bpax. [January 12, 2011] please tell me the proper diet for b-ve blood group people,i hv low blood pressure n i often suffer vth dizzenes n all...do hepl me... - sudhavinod [December 17, 2010] VERY NICE,I WAS HELPFUL BY DIS INFORMATION... - VINODSUDHA [December 17, 2010] Very useful matters i understand my blood group B-.very thanks to the authors.. - Santhosh K P [December 16, 2010] sir,my self is shahnawaz,my blood group is RH-B-(negative) pls sugest me - Md.shahnawaz [December 9, 2010] Nice,just found out that my baby girl is O -negative.The doctor said all you have written here. Thanks so much - Milla [December 9, 2010] Is it possible and easy to have children with a man of B rhesus negative? Any risks or difficulties? Please give more advise. Thanks - thao ho [November 26, 2010] I Have B Nagative Blood type and I am pragnant. How can I prevent it not to affect my baby? What should I eat most? - Ima [November 15, 2010] thanks for giving this nice site... Its very useful... - sailaja. [October 28, 2010] Is there any difference between B NEG Royal Blood Group and B NEG Blood Group - Jen K Wheeler [October 17, 2010] I have just learned or blood types and how you should eat. This info has enlighten me and I want to learn more. Thank You - Johnnie [October 13, 2010] yes, if father is positve and mother is negative - it does affect baby. i successfully had 3 healthy sons, the doctors gave me a shot of some kind to help, but i might have built up anitbodys to it, cause i tried to have more but had miscarraige after miscarraige. i do not believe i can ever carry again..maybe my doctors says i can, but i believe its my blood type. not trying to scare anybody. but thats my story, - kim [October 9, 2010] i like your idea. im rh- and i will look for that group on fb. maybe if i ever need someone will help a sister out? lol.. but seriously, i think i will stop just thinking about donating blood and just do it. :) - kim [October 9, 2010] what happens if fathers blood group is A and mothers is B- ,,, it affects baby - christina [August 27, 2010] I recieved an email talking about B- blood, i didn't know that such thing existed, i think it is quite interesting and I will investigate further into the blood types wich are always fascinant.Thanks for posting. - Joseph [August 9, 2010] It has recently come to my attention that in times of serious illness, injury
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