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Goodman Gallery Cape is proud to present an exhibition of new paintings by Lisa Brice, produced over the course of the last two years in London and featured in Vitamin P2, Phaidon’s recently published anthology of painting. The paintings explore the possibilities and properties of vivid colour, how it is optically perceived, and the effects of the afterimage created by red-green vision in particular.

In her text on Brice’s work in Vitamin P2, Coline Millard notes: “Just as [Brice’s] painting hovers between figuration and abstraction, her figures occupy the limbo between the living and the dead. Brice’s work is all liminality.” While the liminality referred to by Millard in the Trinidad works of 2009 alludes to an inherent mysticism, the sense of liminality in this new body of paintings shifts to suggest a state of disorientation, delirium and suspended time through a heightened use of colour and reduced form.

Lisa Brice was born in Cape Town in 1968, and lives and works in London and Trinidad. Having worked in a variety of media, she has concentrated on painting for the last nine years. She has exhibited widely in South Africa and abroad, and her work is represented in major collections both public and private. Throwing the Floor is Brice’s first solo exhibition in Cape Town since 2007; she last presented work at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg in 2009. An extensive monograph of her paintings will be published later this year.



Exhibition: 10 MARCH - 14 APRIL 2012

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