Maeve Dewar - Reality or Illusion


Maeve believes that everything has its own vibration, which means colour and paint also have their vibrations. "So what is my purpose each time I create a painting? It is to keep searching for the truth within me and expressing my way of getting to it through the vibration of the colours and the paints I use".

Leo Tolstoy said, ‘Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others
of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen.’ That is what she works towards. 

The body of work that will be exhibited at the Barnard Gallery consists solely of water colours in a technique that she has  been exploring for many years. This has been an exciting challenge for her, where she enjoyed breaking many rules and using many different tools and methods.
To Maeve, play is a vital part of creativity, and sadly it is something we tend to neglect, because she believes it is vital for us all, as well as for our planet.


Currently on exhibition at

The Barnard Gallery

55 Main Street Newlands

Cape Town, South Africa


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