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The summer sales have started and while everyone is doing the usual shop front branding, RVCA Clothing have taken a new, fresh and green approach to all their stores nation wide by using SALE signs designed out of EcoBoardAs Primary are the leaders in EcoBoard conversion design, we quicky came up with a simple yet effective model that met their expectations.

Standing 550mm tall and 60mm deep, the free standing SALE Letters show that RVCA are not only a cut about the rest but are also environmentally conscious.


RVCA Store Canal Walk - The free standing letters can be scattered, angled or easily hung



From this angle, the characteristic "Meat" of the EcoBoard can be seen



EcoBoard is made from recycled papers. It has a printable outer layer on both sides that we can brand to suit our clients specifications. It is strong too, being able to hold the weight of several seated people. Amazingly, the board can also follow contours and gentle curves.

We use environmentally friendly ink when printing onto the board, thus ensuring we stand true to our belief in working toward a sustainable environment. The boards can be recycled like normal paper after use and no harmful chemicals are used in there manufacturing process.

Using the EcoBoard, we have successfully designed a range of items:

  • - Semi-permanent kids furniture
  • - Structurally sound, flat packed, point of sale stands
  • - Exhibition walls and units to house your products within your stand
  • - Furniture
  • - Display plinths, bulkheads and counters
  • - Tables, book shelves, chairs
  • - Room dividers

Being viewed by many as a suitable replacement to wood, EcoBoard offers durability and strength, unseen before in any other recycled substrate. Developed over a decade ago in Sweden, the board has been advanced to a point where it can be used to manufacture a variety of Point of Sale solutions and even furniture.

With Cape Towns mindset changing and embracing EcoBoard, it has successfully been used in a variety of installations and venues. The models can be designed and dispatched flat and (with some simple assembly instructions) re-assembled at the various locations. The models are lightweight, saving transport costs and resulting in lower carbon emissions. Our EcoBoard Furniture products are strong and can withstand a lot of weight. We have devised methods of utilising hidden support struts to further strengthen our models. Whether sent out flat packed (with easy to follow assembly instructions) or as completed models, you can always be assured of their strength and durability.

Having successfully designed a range of furniture used at events around the country and building custom made kids furniture and playhouses, we continue along this chain of thought, where we can custom brand and construct whatever comes to mind. We will advise you and work closely with you, ensuring you get what you want and that it looks good.


Here are some other ideas of what can be designed using EcoBoard


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