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It has been awhile since we have mentioned the amazing young woman that is Michaela"Chaeli" Mycroft

Chaeli Mycroft was born in Cape Town with cerebral palsy and degenerative neuropathy. When she was nine years old, wanting more freedom of movement, she set her sights on a motorised wheelchair. With the support of three friends and her sister they started a campaign to raise the R20 000 she needed. They made cards and sunflower pots and were astonished when they reached their target.

With the help of her mother Zelda, the five friends became the five co-founders of the Chaeli Campaign, which, over the years, has helped over 12 000 disabled people by providing them with wheelchairs, walking frames, assisted devices and occupational therapies.

When asked if she thought they woudl get so much attention, Chaeli replied, "No. We were doing it because it was fun. Knowing what a difference it made with me to have independence. It's very nice that we can do that for other kids now, but on a much bigger scale.'

What started out as a dream to help their friend gain independence has turned into an organisation that has changed the lives of so many and received worldwide recognition with the International Children's Peace Prize.

Chaeli: 'I want to be independent and I think my wanting to do that is going to show others after me that we can do it; it is not impossible.'

Chaeli tries to live a life with as few restrictions as possible. Shortly after winning the International Peace Prize she was told of another global award she had won.

Chelsea Terry (Friend): 'I think that we were all really shocked when we found out that Chaeli was going to win the Nobel Laureates Activism Award because it was just so soon after she had won the International Children's Peace Prize.'

It was the first time that the Nobel Laureates of the World awarded a Child Activism Award. Chaeli went to Chicago to accept the award and met people like Bill Clinton and actor Sean Penn. 


Here is a list of Chaeli’s achievements over the past few months. 

21 November 2011: Winner of the 2011 International Children’s Peace Prize, received at the Hall of Knights in The Hague. 

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24 April 2012: Winner of the Social Activism Award by Nobel Peace Laureates at their annual summit in Chicago.

July 2012: Chaeli featured in the Mail & Guardian’s 200 top youth leaders.

August 2012: Chaeli featured as one of the 10 Women of the Decade in the 2012 Power List in O Magazine.

October 2012: Chaeli has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the Unesco conference in Paris, France.




Click here to read more about the Chaeli Campaign




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