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“Joshua Grierson is South Africa’s Bruce Springsteen! He is a dynamic and soulful performer and one of the most underrated country/blues songwriters in South Africa. Keep an eye on this talent,” says Inge Beckman the leading vocalist of Lark.

With his brand of Folk, Blues and Country, Grierson regularly has his audiences either in tears or leaving them clinging to their loved ones.With an incredible voice, madly running fingers and winding melodies, Grierson brings the message of Love and life to audiences, like they have never heard it before.

We caught up with Josh to find out more about his inspirations and influences.

PPP: What is your first musical memory growing up?
JG: Watching my father walk off the train, at Ottery station, with a large and long brown box under his arm; later that night he would open the box and reveal my first box guitar. He taught me all the major chords on that nylon Dixon. 

PPP: Local artists you enjoy?
JG: Taxi Violence, Beast, Machineri, Sannie Fox, Gangs of Ballet, Jack Mantis Band, Andrew James and Prego Chow Mein.

PPP: Your ideal gig would be…
JG: A sold out amphitheatre that seats 500. My band, ANDTHEWAYWEUSEDTOFEEL to accompany me plus a brass and string quartet.

PPP: You usually perform solo. Do you have plans for putting together a full band?
JG: Well, as I just mentioned above, I have assembled a band of players to accompany me at almost all my gigs from March 2013. The band is called ANDTHEWAYWEUSEDTOFEEL and the members are Nic Roos, Fez, Morgan Kennedy, Gene Kierman, Gean Burrell and Lauren Fowler.

PPP: When can we expect your album to be released?
JG: I presently can't answer that. I have made many promises, that up to this point I have not been able to live up to. Once I know, you'll know - best I can do right now.

PPP: Musical highlight to date?
JG: Opening for YOAV and Kongos in Johannesburg, Finley Quaye in Dubai and being featured alongside The Plastics and Goodnight Wembley on the South African music channel MK and their Studio 1 show, Stripped. 

PPP: What/who inspires you?
JG: The human condition mostly, but that would pertain to my lyrics. Musically, other artists who are pushing musical boundaries and create a mood in which I can happily drown in. I am also very inspired by art - mostly photographic art. A place of interest:

PPP: Thought on the current SA music scene?
JG: I have no jurisdiction to comment on that. 

PPP: What do you do when you get writers block?
JG: Do the dishes. Take a shower. In a nutshell, do something mundane that takes my focus off what I am too close to.

PPP: How can one make contact with you?
JG: You can email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on a social platforms:
Twitter: @JoshuaGrierson

All Photos by David Schacht


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