Andy Lund - Musician, photographer and all round good guy

Andy Lund is a Cape Town based Musician and Photographer.

Some might know him as the frontman of The Roswell Kings or more recently under his two projects Oh Mercy and Andy Lund and the Mission Men. Others know him as the guy directing and shooting various photoshoots around the globe. One thing is for sure, everyone knows him for the genuinely good guy that he is.

PRIMARY Print and Photo chatted to Andy about his love for both music and photography and what 2014 has in store for him.

PPP:  What is your first musical memory growing up?
AL: I remember my Dad playing the piano and guitar all the time when I was young. Our house was filled with music 24/7. I learnt from a very young age that it was the most important thing in life!

PPP: The songs on Faster we Run are quite a departure from the sound of your debut album, Soundtrack for a Muted Heart. Tell us about the making of the album.
AL: When I made Soundtrack I had assembled a very stripped down band around me with a bassist, Brydon Bolton and a keys player/drummer Sean Ou Tim. The songs worked better in that acoustic, vintage aesthetic.After the release the line-up changed with Sean moving to bass, Adam Hill on guitar and lap steel and Art Pereira on drums. The sound of the band became more electric and I started reacting to that change and writing with more of a fuller sound in mind.

PPP: Rolling Stone Magazine recently added Faster we Run to their album picks of 2013. How does this make you feel? Are you one for accolades?
AL: I’d be lying if I didn’t say it feels great. It’s an honour to be included on such a formidable list! Reviews and criticism is always a very strange thing for me to take on. You take so long to build a project and pour yourself into it, then when it is released it gets a star rating after a person tries to rate it objectively after only a few listens! Music ISN’T objective. What I may love, someone else could hate. That being said, I am very proud that people are reacting well to the album

PPP: Besides The Mission Men, you also have a side project called Oh Mercy with the very talented Emma du Preez. How did this come about?
AL: I met Emma as a solo artist. We bonded over our love for country music and swore to do a show together (both solo). But after months of promising each other that we’ll do it, I decided to book us a show together as a duo instead! So we had a month to get 8 songs together, which was nerve racking! But, a
fter the first time we sat and sang together, we knew that we had a special connection.

PPP: You have previously performed abroad in the States. How was your music received by the audiences there?
AL: Performing stateside was an eye opener! The crowds were incredibly responsive to my music and emotionally invested! New York is a city that celebrates originality and if they hear something that is different for them, people embrace it and almost stake a claim on it. My last trip to NY I played 15 shows over the space of a month and I had groups of people who made it to EVERY show, bringing new people with them to every new show!

PPP: Is the South African Music scene a in a healthy state?
AL: Scenes ebb and flow. There will be patches where fans stop attending live shows, venues take strain and close and therefore bands have no place to play and so they stagnate. But then someone will be bold and open a new venue which will ignite the bands and the fans and the scene will grow again. So I never lose too much sleep about it.

Regardless of this there are so many talented people in this country and there will always be people making music, whether it’s being heard in the scene or not. I always think of my friend Nick Lord who is SUCH an incredible song writer, but has NEVER played his stuff live. How many of the most amazing songs ever are being written in bedrooms and never heard?!

So I guess “South African music” is healthy and the scene is something you shouldn’t worry about.


PPP: Your other creative output is photography. For you, is taking a photo the same as writing a song/lyrics?
AL: Not the same, but there is a definite crossover between the two. I hear music in my photographs and I see pictures in my songs.

PPP:Where can people find out more about your music and photography?
Andy Lund & The Mission Men stuff can be found at

Oh Mercy:

Photo site – under construction

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