Lipton Ice Tea- EcoBoard

We've worked on some really cool projects this year, one if them being this Lipton Ice Tea promotion table constructed out of EcoBoard.

We had done something similar before but this year our client wanted a stronger, wider and more sturdy table than before that could still be easily assembled and transported around the country.

PRIMARY Print and Photo designed this 2 meter wide Lipton Ice Tea table which is joined seamlessly to the detachable side panels. The counter top has been doubled up for strength and also has a centred support panel to ensure that this table is durable and can be used over and over again. The clear lamination applied to the counter top allows for liquids to be spilt without damaging the board.

The Promo table was delivered flat packed in a custom made to fit carry bag. It was then flown to Johannesburg and used in various shopping malls.

The 2 meter wide base folds back on each end and joins seamlessly to the detachable side panels.
The counter top fits snug on top and holds everything together. Easy to transport, easy to assemble. 

The counter top has been doubled up for extra strength and laminated  to accommodate for spillage.
The whole table flat packs into a customised bag.


EcoBoard is made from recycled papers and has printable outer layers that can be branded with full colour, digitally printed artwork. Not only is the board strong and used to manufacture various products, it is a 100% "Green" product.

Come talk to us about your Point-of-sale, branded exhibition stand or designer furniture requirements. We are here to assist in firmly placing it in the minds of environmentally conscious businesses.

+ Made from recycled papers + Strong
+ Can be branded to suit your specifications + Can be reused
Light weight + Can be recycled
+ Easy to assemble + Can be flat packed and easily transported


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