Our Green Belief

We love our planet and want it to be around for our kids and their own kids.

With this in mind, we implement and follow as many green practices as possible. We suggest using recycled papers and use eco-friendly inks wherever possible.

Take a look through our EcoBoard section and you will see a range of practical designs for use in your home and office. All of these products are manufactured by using recycled papers that are compacted to form a rigid substrate that when designed effectively; can hold the weight of several people. This board is also printed using environmentally friendly inks Don’t believe us? Go take a look…

Simply put, 'green design' is a tool that will enable us to achieve a sustainable relationship with our environment. It consists of two core values:

  • Reduce the 'footprint' left upon the planet – utilising low-impact, non-toxic, sustainably-produced or recycled materials that require less energy to convert from raw to finished state.

  • Design products and services to function in an environmentally friendly manner. The 'green' design does not cause physical harm, consumes less energy, is engineered for quality and durability.It lasts longer, with less maintenance, and is engineered for re-use or recycling.

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